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The Ellinwood Area Chamber of Commerce is the leader of and catalysts for plans, strategies, programs, and services that promote a favorable business climate, improve the quality of life and support the orderly growth and development of our city.


The Chamber is responsible for ensuring the economic health of the City of Ellinwood. We work to increase prosperity by facilitating the growth of existing businesses while promoting the establishment, continuation, and/or improvement of the social, professional, civic, cultural, and educational environment to create a better climate for attracting, even more, business and industry.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our members through government advocacy, networking, community development, and education. In fulfillment of our service and community goals, the Chamber develops public policy positions; provides networking opportunities to create a stronger business environment; collects and analyzes data for dissemination of vital information, and promotes economic development, job growth, education, and an enhanced quality of life.

tier 2 business....$180

membership investment


tier 1 business....$130

community partner....$20

non profit....$50

sole proprietor....$50


senior citizen....$25

The Ellinwood Area Chamber of Commerce is composed of one full-time staff member along with the Chamber Board of Directors. We are each passionate about serving the community and helping our members be successful to the best of our ability.

In the past few years, the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce has taken a deep dive into operating the organization on a more strategic level. This has included taking a look at all of the Chamber activities, processes, and back-office procedures. Many things have been changed or revamped. The result has been a more efficient and well-structured chamber and growth. We had over 30 new members join the Chamber family in 2019 and currently have over 140 active members. We are excited to also experience a growing social media presence that allows us to spread the word of Ellinwood even farther than the boundaries of our community.

The growth that we have seen is not taken lightly. We see each one of our members as a valuable partner in assisting in the economic well-being of our community. Whether a small business or a large corporation, we look forward to working with everyone to help make a collective impact on your businesses and in the community as a whole.

With one staff member, our Board of Directors/volunteers, and the efficiencies we have created internally, we are positioned to meet the needs of our members better than ever. The benefits that we are able to offer our members continue to expand and we are constantly looking for ways to maintain relevancy in an ever-changing world.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2022 and beyond. If we can brainstorm with you, or if you need help with anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

connect - impact - thrive

You want your business to thrive.  So do we.  That’s why your Chamber works hard every day to:

  • Create opportunities for meaningful business connections and marketing.

  • Promote the economic well being of all member businesses.

  • Enhance the community brand and image.

When you join the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce, you gain an energetic partner dedicated to helping you succeed in the community.

We do business with friends. Start enjoying the benefits of membership –  JOIN TODAY!

The Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce has over 140 member businesses and organizations. Ask almost any chamber member why they are a member and they’ll tell you: It’s the best way to meet people and grow your business.


about ellinwood

Ellinwood is located in Barton County, just north of the Arkansas River on the plains of Central Kansas.


Ellinwood lies in the middle of the Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira Wildlife Refuge, both natural wetlands that attract nature lovers and hunters.


The first claim was staked in 1872 when it was certain the railroad would be completed nearby. The railroad was finished the same year and the city was named after Colonel John Ellinwood, a civil engineer working for the Santa Fe railroad. Ellinwood became a fast-growing community of mostly descendants of southern German/Austrians. Located on the Santa Fe Trail, the town was a social and cultural center of the 1890s.  

German heritage is shown by the architecture of Main Street buildings and the underground shops of yesteryear, the tunnels of which are still a huge draw to the community by visitors. Brick streets are carefully maintained. 


Today, a community of 2,100 and located in the center of Kansas, it provides a warm, small-town environment with many features and services of much larger communities. The municipality has its own power and sewage plants, several water wells, recycling trailer, and compost areas.

Ellinwood's schools are an outstanding feature of the city, as is St. John's Lutheran Child Development Center for pre-schoolers. Available are a senior citizen center, civic clubs, hospital, long term care facilities, doctors, clinic, EMT unit, and a municipal airport. Churches include five denominations.