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Dove Chevrolet Buick Cadillac to Celebrate 60 Years !

Great Bend’s Dove Chevrolet Buick Cadillac dealership marks 60 years of quality service, dedicated employees, and superior products in Great Bend, KS this year! The Dove family has been in the transportation business for four generations extending back to Great Grandfather Dove who raised, trained, and sold mules to the settlers headed West on the Oregon Trail in the 1880s! Dee Dove purchased the Buick dealership at 12th and Kansas in May of 1957. He then moved into their new location at 421710th Street in 1967 where previously there was nothing but alfalfa fields. The Cadillac and Oldsmobile franchises were also added in 1967. In 1988, Rob and Trisha Dove purchased the business from Dee and added the Chevrolet franchise in 2009. Remodeling in 2012 allowed Rob and Trisha to offer the largest selection of Chevrolet and the very best quality dealership in Western Kansas. Rob Dove has a rich history of exposure to the automobile business from a very early age. As a fourth grader, his father, Dee Dove, taught him about each department at the dealership from sales to service. Working with his Dad, Rob learned about the true meaning of their business, serving people. Rob remembers having a conversation with his father where Dee asked, “Rob, what business are we in?” to which Rob responded, “The car business, Dad”. Dee’s reply, “Wrong answer son! We are in the people business!” Rob has not forgotten that lesson and to this day his employees all reflect that their customers and the relationships they build with them are the most important parts of their business! Dove maintains the highest level of industry standards throughout their business, both in the technical and non-technical areas. Their facilities, equipment, and knowledge are constantly updated all in an effort to serve their customers at a higher level. In fact, Dove most recently bought the lot next to the dealership for future expansion. More information on that to come! Dove Chevrol