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Visit Ellinwood

In Ellinwood, our Brick Street windows encourage shopping. Whether you are on an antiquing mission to uncover a long-forgotten but sure to be a well-loved piece or are in search of the perfect gift for that very important person, you’ll no doubt find just what you’ve been looking for in one of our many stores both on and off the Brick Streets.


You’ll feel right at home when you pop into one of the many family-owned restaurants in Ellinwood. Our locals cook up some awesome food full of local flavor, including outstanding burgers, baked goods, and everything in between.

And should you need something to wake you up in the morning or perk you up in the afternoon, we have coffee, coffee, and more coffee... and smoothies too!

Our Historic Town

Named after Colonel John Ellinwood and attracting many German immigrants, Ellinwood, KS has been a thriving metropolis since 1872.

When you arrive in this historic town, a tour of our Underground Tunnels is a must!  Built underneath the buildings, sidewalks and Mainstreet area was a second community where you could find a barber shop, brewery, and places that may attract cowboys, teamsters, and other transient workers.

Learn even more about our history at the Ellinwood Museum.  Hearing about all the different eras of Ellinwood’s rich history including the Santa Fe Trail. 

From there, you will find many types of shopping.  Antique stores will help you find your favorite treasures from history’s past. Whereas the local boutiques may help you find some things more current to start your own narrative.

When your stomach starts growling, you will find local eateries as well as baked goods in much of the shopping district. If your wanting more a sack lunch style, drive up or down 156 to the gas stations, Family Foods grocer, or the Packing Plant. 

And should you need a perk up, we have you covered there too, with multiple coffee shops open M-F.  For our adults we have a local Speakeasy straight out of the prohibition era, The American Legion and LK's Liquor Store.     

For the nature enthusiast, bird watchers, and hunters, Quivira Wildlife Refuge, Cheyenne Bottoms and the Wetlands Education Center are both nearby. You can also enjoy a nice fishing spot at the Wolf Pond & RV Park. 

There’s more going on in this area to cover in a day, so call ahead and spend a relaxing night at the beautiful award-winning Historic Wolf Hotel and Events Center. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, the City Office, Chamber Office, or dozens of friendly business owners and citizens will be glad to help you.

Our numerous attractions and rich heritage are sure to delight. We know before you leave, you’ll love our town as much as we do! See you soon! 


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