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Chamber Member Spotlight - FMI & JAI

Check out our Chamber Member Spotlight this week!

Farmers Mutual Insurance & Jensen Associates Insurance

Justin Lear, CEO of FMI/JAI, was interviewed by us. FMI & JAI offers some of the best independent agency companies for ALL your insurance needs. Check out their services today!

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16 N. Main

Ellinwood, KS 67526

P: 620-564-3281

How many years have you been in business?

FMI has been in business since April 21, 1896 (123 years)

JAI has been in business since 1952 (67 years)

As someone doing business in <Ellinwood or Great Bend>, how does the chamber help you?

For FMI, the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce helps our company and staff stay informed of local happenings and gives us a spotlight when desired to announce newsworthy information to the local business community.

For JAI, the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce aids our visibility in the community and provides a platform where we can share important happenings and promote the general business of the agency, and hopefully additional customers.

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

An interesting fact about FMI is that our original official language of the company was German, and even the policy forms and all documents were in German. During WW1 due to anti-German sentiment during the Annual Meeting the Board voted to change the language to English, that motion and vote were written in the minutes in German, the very next line action was then written in English.

An interesting fact about JAI is that as an independent insurance agency we have resources to help in the placement of insurance coverage for risks as small as a few hundred dollars to those as large as millions. In addition to that, we have the additional resources and backing of FMI to aid our operations including the FMI CEO who has experience and abilities to aid in Risk Management plans to aid the overall performance of the package of insurance products that the agency can offer to those larger clients that have complicated risk exposures.

Do you have any advice for new business owners?

The best advice we can give from either the FMI or JAI perspective is to have the most value out of your membership investment you must become involved and attend regularly. Those that make that effort often are putting forth the effort everywhere through their business, and that results in a successful business.

When you’re not working, where do you like to spend your time?

For myself the CEO of FMI & JAI, Justin Lear, if I’m not working I most enjoy being in the outdoors. Specifically, I thoroughly enjoy bow hunting, upland hunting, and fly fishing.

For JAI, the Agency Manager, Amber Petz, enjoys time with family and friends regardless of the activity.

How can we stay in touch with your business?

Our websites are:

Jensen Associates Insurance FB page:

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