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Chamber Member Spotlight - Calamity Jane's Salon

Check out our Chamber Member Spotlight this week!

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Calamity Jane's Salon

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Rachel Ringering, owner, here in Ellinwood was interviewed by us. Rachel's salon is one of a kind here in our community. Bringing great quality customer service every time you walk through her door. We are so thrilled to have her here in Ellinwood!

Check out the new salon in town and visit Rachel today!

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Calamity Jane's Salon

123 N. Main

Ellinwood, KS 67526



When did you come to Ellinwood for business?

I have been in Ellinwood working as a hairstylist for about 4 years, I officially opened my own salon in July of 2018.

What makes your business unique?

You can find hair salons all over the world, but I’m not quite sure you’ll find one like mine. I have worked as a stylist for a little over five years now and I have worked in a variety of different salons, the quality of my work has always of course been a high priority, but I also have found people want a place where they feel comfortable and at home. I believe that’s what you’ll find when you walk into Calamity Jane’s Salon. So often I have clients walk in, take off their shoes, and vent about.. well anything. That was my goal, and I feel that has been accomplished. Even though you may feel at home in my salon, there is never any lacking of the latest hair trends in the industry or the best of the best in the products I offer in the salon.

What is your career path?

To always bring to my clients the best of best, whether it’s my work I’m performing or the products I’m prescribing. Classes are a constant in my career, and with my salon representatives my future with my career seems to only thrive.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I join my boyfriends custom contracting business and custom furniture for his clients new space. I have found pure enjoyment in redoing furniture of any kind.


Go step into the salon to see what all Rachel has to offer.


So many kinds of services available. For a full list, visit Calamity Jane's on Facebook!

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